“I Can See the Light!”

Ahhhhhh Daylight Savings Time.  It is both wonderful and tiring all at once.    You think that one hour wouldn’t make THAT much difference, but it really does.  I mean – when I  think about it – in one hour I can:

  • drink three cups of coffee (yes, three)
  • take all three of  the dogs out (probably twice)
  • get an entire load of laundry done
  • drive to work and back twice
  • count to “60” sixty times
  • cook a lasagna in the oven
  • have my fitness watch tell me when I’ve been sitting for almost an hour.
  • sleep an extra HOUR

Did you read that last part?   Sleep an extra hour.  That one precious hour, and we are losing it.

BUT –  We can get an extra hour or daylight at the other end of the day.    That one extra hour lends us the promise of spring.   The birds chirping, the trees blooming, the sound of giggles as the kids are playing outside.   That one extra hour of LIGHT.   And that my friend, is pretty amazing.



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