I know.   “Pringles” immediately makes you think of chips.    Or snacks.    Yeah, snacks.

Pringles, age 5

But in our house, Pringles means the dog.   Our stubborn, hair shedding, cuddly, fluffy,

DOG.    The picture to the left perfectly describes our “gentle” giant.    Complete with a sh*t eating grin ( no, really, she is a turd burglar), this dog is a gentle beast.     She is a champion of Pyr paws, a happy recipient of belly rubs, and a lazy sack of pyr-tatoes.    However, if you try to take her toy, or try to move her from where she has sat her fluffy-rump (or try to steal her piece of dust that she has claimed as hers),  then it is on like donkey-Kong.

Pringles.     Because you can’t stop at just one (rescue.   We have three!).


“I Can See the Light!”

Ahhhhhh Daylight Savings Time.  It is both wonderful and tiring all at once.    You think that one hour wouldn’t make THAT much difference, but it really does.  I mean – when I  think about it – in one hour I can:

  • drink three cups of coffee (yes, three)
  • take all three of  the dogs out (probably twice)
  • get an entire load of laundry done
  • drive to work and back twice
  • count to “60” sixty times
  • cook a lasagna in the oven
  • have my fitness watch tell me when I’ve been sitting for almost an hour.
  • sleep an extra HOUR

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I’ve got sunshine.

On a cloudy day!   It’s not cold outside, and it feels like May!

At nearly 70°, days like today  make me long for our little get-away cabin in Maine.   Our little slice of heaven, here on this earth.    Sometimes I have to pinch myself when we are there – the sound of the water brushing up on the sand (and at our feet!), the smell of the pine tress surrounding it, our children and their laughter – it always feels like we are living in  a little dream.

Every summer,  I am thankful for our family week away and the magical  memories we make there.

But Today?   I am thankful for THIS beautiful  February day and my 3 favorite people I get to share it with.